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LifeProof Nuud Case

LifeProof Nuud Case ,

$169.00 SGD

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NÜÜD’s screenless technology puts you in direct contact with your iPhone 6s or iPhone6′ brilliant display. With its form-fitting design, NÜÜD keeps your phone feeling slim, light and comfortable in your hand. Buttons, ports, cameras, fingerprint scanner — your NÜÜD case leaves every feature in play. Your phone waterproof case gives you more than just the freedom to venture off the beaten path. It lets you capture proof of your exploits in the moment — so you can share the bragging rights back in civilization.

*The colour details are as follow:

Avalanche (White/Gray)
Cliff Dive (Blue/Clear)
First Light (Pink/Clear)
Undertow (Aqua/Clear)


Avalanche, Black, Cliff Dive, First Light, Undertow

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